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#ExploreFrance 2023 Campaign : « Dream big, live slow »

Article Published on the 23/03/2023 Reading time : 3 minutes

Atout France and its partners sign a 2023 campaign, an ode to sustainable tourism and letting go

Atout France, the 13 Regional Tourist Boards, Attractiveness Agencies, Tourism Agencies in mainland France and around twenty private sector companies are delighted to announce the launch of the 2023 edition of the #ExploreFrance campaign. 

After two editions (2021 and 2022) designed to revitalise European tourist flows to France following the pandemic, the aim of the 2023 campaign is to assert the destination's sustainable positioning. Drawing on the results of an Atout France study on customer awareness of sustainable tourism*, the group is orchestrating a marketing campaign perfectly tailored to the new aspirations of travellers, and advocating slower, more sustainable and authentic tourism.
"Dream big, live slow" is an invitation to dare to dream big and make the most of your travels in France!

With international tourism receipts approaching 58 billion euros, France has drawn a more than positive balance sheet for the 2022 tourism year. This is largely due to the return of European and North American tourists. Even if economic and social pressures remain strong in 2023, travel intentions coupled with occupancy forecasts for the various tourist accommodations point to fine performances for the entire industry in the coming months, barring any major geopolitical incidents.  

To encourage this dynamic, the collective behind the #ExploreFrance campaign is mobilising for the third year running, with the aim of making an impression and surprising visitors by promoting a France that people don't necessarily expect.

A new signature for more sustainable tourism

France is the stuff of dreams and the stuff of popular imagination. It offers a real sense of freedom, in the most beautiful of settings. Magnificent landscapes and exceptional heritage sites offer an infinite variety of atmospheres: walks in the forest, in the fine sand dunes, on mountain trails or in the narrow streets of charming villages...

The 2023 campaign will showcase sites and areas that are still under the radar, with the aim of spreading visitor traffic throughout the region, while encouraging visitors to use gentle, environmentally-friendly means of discovery.

While the 2023 edition of #ExploreFrance is an ode to dreaming big, its tagline also invites visitors to take the time to immerse themselves in the places they visit, to let go and explore the land, crafts, villages and local gastronomy in depth, and to take the time to experience special moments.

The scheme will place particular emphasis on the best that spring and autumn have to offer, helping to continue the collective efforts being made to deseasonalise the region.

The campaign will start at the beginning of April in 10 European markets: Germany, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Austria. 

For the very first time, it will also be relayed in the United States and Canada, markets which are currently enjoying strong growth and still have considerable potential for development.

Dream big, live slow !
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